D E S I G N  &  C O N C E P T

Concentric is our new luxury collection, introduced in November 2019.  The collection features products designed using concentric layers of materials to create beautiful shapes and contours. Original freehand pencil drawings by Heidi have been used to design the collection. The buckles in the collection are also interchangeable with bags in the Silhouette collection. The bags and accessories in this collection are handmade in London from fine quality leather, textiles and acrylic.

S S 2 0 2 0

Look out for our Spring collection, launching in the Spring 2020 which will an explosion of colour!

A W 1 9

The colourway for the Winter collection has been created using mostly black with iridescent accents, taking inspiration from the dark illustrations of fairytales, dragonfly wings and rippling water pools. Two-tone black and holographic inlaid acrylics, create concentric, organic shapes which look delicate and striking when worn.


The collection features our first jewellery collection for several years as well as new handbags and accessories.