A personal statement from Heidi

I started my business in 2001 with a handmade collection of jewellery, crafted from leather, printed with my own drawings.  To this day, we still make our products in-house and only work with a carefully curated suppliers in the UK.

I dabbled in manufacturing in India and Hong Kong for a while in 2002, but as I developed my brand and changed the products I decided against going into full scale, overseas mass production, instead, preferring to work on small scale projects and making our products in-house.

Our current Silhouette Collection is made from animal leather from Italy. I have personally done my best to make sure the materials originate from where the suppliers state. By limiting the range of products, it has been easier to keep an eye on this. As an animal lover myself, I have been looking increasingly at alternative materials. It is a tricky balance because fundamentally, the minute we produce any new product, we are using resources, labour and energy and humans love making things, it's in or DNA to create and produce 'stuff'. However, this 'stuff' can be both amazing and terrifying and we are all becoming increasingly aware of this.

Many so called 'Vegan Leathers', are in fact highly toxic and therefore it seems to me that the ethics of these is not entirely sound either. This is something I am currently working to resolve and change and have been doing a lot of research into, over the past two years. I am currently developing a vegan range which I anticipate will be launched at the end of 2020 or early 2021.