Product Care

Leather Care

All our leather is of the highest quality and is sourced from the most reputable suppliers in the world. Leather is a natural product and any variations in texture or surface are a natural component of the material.

STAINS - Oil or liquids should generally be kept away from leather and suede as they can prove impossible to remove. Most of the leather we use has been coated so it is easy enough to clean if this is done immediately with a mildly diluted detergent and a soft cloth or a non perfumed wetwipe.

COLOUR TRANSFER - Most of the leather we use is dyed with acrylic colourfast dyes so transfer onto other items should not occur. If you are wearing white or a light colours please bear this in mind. Suede can be sprayed with a waterproof protector but this will not guarantee to totally prevent colour transfer. Likewise, dye in some dark clothing can actually transfer itself onto light coloured leather with enough friction. We cannot guarantee that colour transfer will not happen but we go to the utmost lengths to ensure that this can be avoided. We recommend consulting a professional dry cleaner should this happen.

POLISHING & REPAIRS - It may occasionally be necessary to polish a scuffed area of the leather. Neutral shoe polish can be applied with a soft cloth or a matching colour. We recommend going to a shoe repairer if you are not confident with applying a shoe polish or need any repairs that might occur after a lot of wear and tear over the years.

Types of Leather

Nappa - We use Italian Nappa which is a very soft, smooth leather and comes in a range of very bright, rich colours. During the tannery process, the surface of the leather is sanded and polished and then pigmented and coated with a finishing topcoat. Nappas have uniformed colour and wear and clean well.

Full Grain - The topside of a skin which has been dyed and polished leaving the natural grain of the leather.

Suede - Suede is made from the soft underside of a skin and have a nap like velvet.

Foiled - Any leather can be given a metallic finish. A foil is bonded to the surface of the leather. Foiled leathers are fairly durable although the foil can gradually wear with time.


Silk Care

Silk is a fairly strong material and the dying method we use is colourfast so it is possible to machine wash our scarves using a very gentle wash cycle at a low temperature with mild detergent such as Tenestar, Dreft or Lux in lukewarm water. Rinse well, squeeze out surplus moisture by rolling in a towel to avoid too much creasing and hang to dry. Hand washing or dry cleaning is also recommended.


Perspex Items

Perspex and acrylic items should be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth or t-shirt type fabric.