The Brand



Maison Heidi and Heidi Sturgess are an artisanal, boutique design brands, founded and set up in London by artist and designer Heidi Sturgess in 2001. All our products are made in England, most of them in our London studio. 

Our Silhouette Collection, first invented by Heidi in 2003 and redesigned in 2011, is now our signature collection, selling to a worldwide clientele. The brand is particularly popular in Japan, the USA, the Middle East, Italy and South America.

We aim to design and make distinctive, inventive, colourful, fun-loving products which also have a longevity and classic appeal.

Some of our famous customers include shoe legend Jimmy Choo, Pop Divas Pink and Alicia Keys, Actress Amanda Abbington and Opera singer Ainhoa Arteta. Heidi has also created products, designs and artwork for many brands and institutions, including The Royal Academy of Arts, L'Oreal, Dr Sebagh, Intren, Fortnum & Mason, Camden Graphics, TopShop and Dylon to name a few.

We are always looking to the future and current collections are being expanded in 2020 to include Heidi's work as a fine artist.